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Euro Generics International Philippines Inc.

Euro Generics International Philippines (EGIP) Inc. was founded in 1996 as a pharmaceutical importer and distributor of pharmaceutical products in the Philippines. As a Filipino corporation, our central purpose is to provide quality medicines at affordable prices to the people of the Philippines.

Euro Generics International Philippines is specialized in medicine that needs a prescription from a licensed physician. In the past decade, EGIP has registered more than almost a hundred products with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), many of them are now well accepted in the Philippine market. The products are being distributed through a nationwide network that includes reputable marketing and distribution companies with principal offices in Manila and Davao. Some of the company’s major brands such as Afunginal, Burnsil, Cardipres, Cetamid, Clovix, Kenzar, K-Lyte, Normanal, Probelin, Provasc, Thromaxin, and Veztenor are available in the country’s leading drug chain, Mercury Drug. In the coming years, EGIP will continue development of quality generic drugs in selected areas of medicine where there is greater need in order to continue and further improve its service to the Filipinos.

Euro Generics International Philippines (EGIP) Inc. is a private enterprise established in 1996 through the initiative of Dr. Hubertus van Dierendonck, a Dutch national and physician, who became a permanent resident of the Philippines in 1982. Dr. Bert explored many remote areas of the country and learned much about the health situation of many people as well as the scarcity of the supply of medicines. As a result, he and his wife, a Filipina, set on a journey to establish a company that would bring affordable and quality medicines from global manufacturers to the Philippines.

For over two decades, EGIP has been dedicated to serving the people of the Philippines with high-quality medicines at affordable prices. Over the years, EGIP has registered more than hundreds of products with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), many of which have gained widespread acceptance in the market. These products are distributed through a nationwide network of reputable marketing and distribution companies.

Mr. Alec van Dierendonck succeeded Dr. Bert in 2018, where he sought to continue his father's legacy by expanding the company’s network to reach more Filipinos with quality and affordable medicines.


EGIP aspires to emerge as one of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry specializing in wide distribution of high-quality pharmaceutical products tailored towards the needs of its customers and target markets.


Our mission is to establish a robust distribution network that ensures widespread access to high-quality pharmaceutical products, specifically designed to meet market needs. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of meticulously selecting pharmaceutical products that are both effective and safe for the Filipinos, considering the latest innovations and scientific discoveries in the industry.